Cool Gifts for Teen Boys

By Mandi Rogier
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Teenagers have evolving interests and tastes, and teenage boys may not be very vocal about what their favorite hobbies or pastimes are. When in doubt, you can always consult the young man about his current wish list. However, lacking any specific requests, there are a variety of cool gift ideas that will suit many teenage boys of varying personalities.


Interests can vary greatly from one teenager to the next, but most boys will have some kind of coveted gadget on their wish list. An iPod is perfect for boys who love listening to music. For the teen who already has an iPod, accessories such as an iPod clock, case, headphones, or portable speakers may be in order. Video gamers are sure to have a new game or two on their list. For adults who may have trouble keeping up with the latest fad, a gift card to a store such as GameStop or Best Buy will have the young gamer happily racing out to buy the newest in video game technology. A new cell phone, digital camera, or camcorder designed to be portable and durable to fit the teenage boy's lifestyle are great picks as well.

Sports Gifts

Most teenage boys have a favorite sport or sports team. For those who play, equipment for their activity of choice can make a great gift. Fans will enjoy items with the colors and logo of their favorite teams. From small accessories such as key chains and mugs to more expensive items like jerseys, sports themed gifts come in enough varieties to satisfy nearly any teenage boy. For teens about to head off to college, a t-shirt or sweatshirt with the name or logo of their college will help give them a head start on their college wardrobe.


Buying everyday clothing for a teenage boy can be a difficult undertaking, but purchasing smaller accessories is not. As they become more responsible and begin to take on more activities, many teenage boys like a nice watch. A wallet is another great gift. Both nice wallets and more casual ones may be appreciated, depending on the style of the teenager. Stuffing it with money is guaranteed to put a smile on a teen's face. For clothing, a gift card to a favorite store will allow the teenage boy to invest in some items that suit his own personal style. Check with the boy first to find out what his favorite store is. Depending on his personal preferences, this may be anything from Old Navy to Hot Topic.

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