How to Childproof a TV

By Kimbry Parker
Properly secure your TV to help prevent injury to children.
Properly secure your TV to help prevent injury to children.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, a child is killed once every two weeks from falling furniture like TVs or appliances. These types of accidents can be prevented by childproofing your home, which involves securing heavy items like furniture or TVs. As your baby begins to crawl and walk, he will become more curious, making the TV an attractive item to touch. While young children are at risk of injury or death from falling objects, older children can also be injured if a TV tips over onto them. Take precautions to childproof your TV to prevent needless injury or death.

Place your TV on an A/V-certified TV stand rather than a dresser, table or cabinet. These stands are specifically designed for TVs and offer stability that other furniture items may not offer. Choose a stand without drawers, which children can pull out and climb on. Additionally, push the TV as far back on the stand as possible.

Situate the TV directly on the stand rather than on pads or a cloth, sometimes used to protect a stand from scratches. These pads or cloths will make it easier for the TV to slide off of a stand.

Anchor the TV to a wall or stand. If the stand is light-weight, it’s best to anchor the TV to the wall. Inexpensive anchoring devices are sold at most hardware and home-improvement stores. Most TVs are equipped with holes for anchoring brackets. Follow the instructions on the anchoring device kit as instructions vary among manufacturers.

Hang flat-panel TVs on a wall with sturdy mounting brackets. TVs hanging on a wall pose risks to children, as well. If the TV is not hung properly, it could fall off the wall with a little tug by a child. Check the mounting brackets you’re using to ensure they are heavy enough to support the weight and size of your TV. This information will be located on the bracket’s packaging. Follow the instructions for using the mounting brackets, or if you’re not confident in your ability to mount the TV to the wall properly, hire a professional to do the job.

Secure all cables and wires from the TV so that a child cannot trip or pull on them. Tie the cables and wires with cable ties, then tuck them inside a wire guard to hide them. A wire guard is a hollow tub that can be attached to the wall or baseboards and is used to keep wires hidden.


Do not place remote controls, toys or other items on the TV stand. These items may entice children to go near the TV , which can lead to injury if it's not properly secured.

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