How to Get My Child to Like School

By Melissa Morang
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Children experience different emotions when it comes to school. Some really enjoy learning and find school to be a positive experience. Others may have a hard time in school. If your child seems to dislike school, you must take his feelings seriously. You must try to help him overcome his feelings about school, so that he can enjoy going and possibly perform better in class.

Step 1

Encourage your child to express his feelings. Find out why he does not like school. He could be experiencing bullying, so find out the cause of his dislike. Let him know you are always there for him and will help him whenever he needs you, including speaking to his teachers.

Step 2

Come up with ideas together to make her school day better. Perhaps she feels shy in class and does not have many friends. Suggest ways she can talk to people without feeling shy.

Step 3

Tell him about your positive school experiences. Let him know about favorite teachers and favorite activities. He needs to see that you have happy memories and that school is not a bad place.

Step 4

Provide positive reinforcement. When your child does well on a test, congratulate her and hang up her test. Hang up artwork she brings home. Get her excited about her accomplishments. You can even provide small rewards for finishing homework in a timely matter, such as allowing your child an extra hour of television. The point is to make her feel good about school and her role in it.

Step 5

Encourage him to join an extracurricular activity. This is a chance for him to do something fun outside of the classroom and associate school with pleasant activities.

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