How to Build a Kick Scooter

By Renee Gerber
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Kick scooters have a long and interesting history, with the earliest made by attaching roller skate wheels to wooden planks. Today, these vehicles can be found at many department stores and bicycle shops, but they can be expensive. Fortunately, you can save money if you make a kick scooter at home, which can be a great project for parents and kids to undertake together.

Measure the wood with a tape measure, then cut all of your wood into the proper measurements and use a pencil to carefully mark the center of all the holes you will need to drill. Note that there are two different hole sizes: 1/2-inch for the axle bolts and bolts that hold the runners, and the rest are 1/4 inch.

Put the handlebar together, bolting two angle brackets to the top of the steering portion in an upright position. Bolt the handlebar into place.

Assemble the front wheels by using a 1/2-inch bolt for the axle, placing a washer on either side. Make sure the axle assembly is loose enough that the wheels can freely rotate and roll. Use two nuts against one another to secure the axle so that it doesn't freely vibrate loosely. Place two eye bolts in the holes of the steering bar.

Secure two runners, or the platform, to the neck of your scooter. Place the remaining eye bolts in appropriate holes in the neck.

Attach the deck piece to the runners using six carriage/coach bolts. Then, attach the steering bar, lining up the eye bolts in the neck with the eye bolts of the steering upright. Slide a 1/2-inch carriage/coach bolt through the eyes of of the eye bolts so that it serves as a steering pin. Make sure the steering mechanism can turn freely, then tighten two nuts at the end of the carriage/coach bolts.

Secure an angle bracket to the neck of the scooter and use a screwdriver to screw it together. Then, put the rear wheels together by the same means found in Step 3.

Install the brakes by screwing a T-hinge into the rear of the deck.

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