What Are the Benefits of Television for Kids?

By Naomi Vogel
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All you ever hear regarding the topic of children and television are the negative impacts. Common beliefs include: TV makes kids lazy, it makes kids violent, and it hampers intelligence. Despite all the negative assumptions, there are benefits for children who watch TV. With this in mind, it becomes a question of what they watch and how often they watch it.

Social Skills

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Certain television programs can teach children positive social skills such as sharing, manners and etiquette. Children might learn how to interact with others positively, how to greet others, how to disagree or argue maturely, and other necessary life skills. TV can also teach children values, morals and life lessons.


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Educational television shows enhance a child's learning. Children who find it difficult to be motivated in school may be entertained by educational shows, improving their overall attitude about learning. Parents can monitor what their children watch and get them books on the same topics to promote reading.

Developing Interests

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Because television offers a wide variety of programs, children can develop their interests and learn what inspires them. They can discover many subjects, like animals, hobbies, art, science and history, which they will nurture away from the TV.

Cultural Awareness

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The news, international channels, documentaries, historical programs and movies can teach children about other cultures and other parts of the world. These types of programs open children up to other cultures' music, arts, religion, fashion, society, government and education.


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Television can help older children develop opinions of their own about controversial topics. Parents of children with hard-to-answer questions about deeper issues can put in a video explaining the topic. This sensitive approach provides opportunities for honest discussion.


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Television can be entertaining, providing stress relief, relaxation and even quality time for families to spend together. Family movie nights bring everyone closer, especially if you talk about the movie or show afterward.