How to Become a Baby Gap Model

By Flora Richards-Gustafson
Kikovic/iStock/Getty Images

If you have an adorable baby whose pictures make hearts melt, signing her up to be a model may be a good way for you to build her college savings account. Every year, Gap Inc. hosts a casting call contest -- a nationwide search for the next faces of its BabyGap line of clothing and accessories. In addition to looking cute, a baby who is a successful model has a positive temperament and is comfortable with strangers, according to the DailyFinance website.

Step 1

Sign up your baby to participate in open calls hosted by local modeling and talent agencies. Make sure the open call is for the children’s division.

Step 2

Participate in the open call. The procedures for open calls vary by agency, according to DailyFinance. Some agencies ask you to bring your baby and pictures of him to their office so they can meet the two of you in person. Others may simply ask you to submit photos of your baby in the mail or online.

Step 3

Sign a contract with a legitimate agency that wants to represent your baby. The contract will include details about the services the agency will provide, its fees and commissions. Never sign with an agency that asks you to put money down first.

Step 4

Sign up your baby for the Gap Inc. BabyGap annual casting call. For the entry phase, you’ll need to uploading pictures of your little one on the Gap Casting Call website and follow the submission-related directions.

Step 5

Participate in the finalist phase. If the judges pick your baby as one of the finalists in the babies and toddlers division, you’ll fly to New York or California with your baby so she can attend a photo shoot.

Step 6

Win the finalist phase. Depending on the year, the public or Gap judges vote to determine which young participants go on to the winner phase and get featured in a GapBaby marketing campaign.