Bathtime Tips for Siblings

By Kathryn Hatter
They'll probably bathe together happily for years.
They'll probably bathe together happily for years.

A crunch for time in the bedtime routine often leads parents to toss two kids into the tub instead of just one. Although you can save time with a bathing twofer, there will come a time when your kids outgrow this togetherness. A few handy bath time tips will get you on the right course as you bathe siblings together.

Benefits of Sibling Baths

When you’ve got two kids that are close in age, it's easier to take care of both of them at the same time. What could be more convenient than tossing them both into the tub before bedtime? Chances are, they’ll have a blast playing together in the tub, too. The squirting, splashing and sloshing may reach epic proportions with two tots in the tub, so make sure you set limits about what behavior is permissible in the tub.

Bath Time Safety

While it may be tempting to let your supervisory guard down with two in the tub, you still need to remain vigilant with your kids in the bath. Even with a preschooler and a younger toddler, you can never assume that your preschooler will provide adequate supervision to keep a toddler safe in the tub. The same rules about constant supervision in the bathtub apply when you’ve got two in the tub.

Innocent Exploration

Once kids hit age 2 and over, you may begin to observe some innocent exploration between siblings of opposite genders. Pointing, grabbing and questioning are not out of the realm of possibility. When it happens, keep cool and use the opportunity to teach simple lessons about the gender differences. You might say to a curious little boy, “No, Alexis doesn’t have a penis like you do.”

When to Stop

There are no firm rules about when to stop bathing siblings together -- of the same gender or of different genders. The best course of action is to watch and observe to notice discomfort or reluctance in your kids. As soon as you detect embarrassment or a child who is reluctant to hop in the tub with a sibling, it’s time to end co-bathing and institute separate bath times.

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