How to Assemble a Fisher Price Aquarium Cradle Swing

By Elizabeth Wolfenden (reznor70 )

The Fisher Price Aquarium Cradle Swing is a popular choice of baby swing. With its fun underwater theme and soothing ocean noises, it has the remarkable ability to calm as well as entertain your baby. However, assembling the swing can be intimidating, especially if you cannot find the instructions that came in the box. Although there are quite a few steps to take to put this swing together, it is a straightforward process and can be completed relatively quickly.

Put together the bottom of the legs. Start by finding the piece for the lower-left leg of the swing. Lay that piece on a flat surface, with the long side parallel to the floor and the shorter side perpendicular to the floor. Then, find the "foot" piece and fit it on the end of the lower leg piece. When it is properly on, insert the 8-by-1/2-inch screw through the foot and into the leg piece. Make sure it is tightly screwed. When this is finished, repeat this process for the lower-right leg of the swing.

Put together the top part of the legs. Start by finding the piece for the upper-left leg of the swing. Position it so that the red dot on that piece is up. Hold down the side button, then slide the upper-left leg piece of the swing into the lower-left leg piece. You will know it is in properly when you hear a snapping noise. Repeat the above process for the upper-right leg of the swing.

Slip the fabric panel onto the legs. Make sure the button holes on the fabric are facing up and the legs are positioned away from you. Also, make sure the button holes of the panel are place into the rivets of the swing's leg pieces.

Snap the top elbow pieces into the appropriate leg. Note there is an R and an L on these pieces to indicate which one goes on the left and which one should go on the right. As in step two, you will know when these pieces are locked together properly because you will hear a snapping noise as the pieces go into place.

Check your assembly work so far. Make the unit stand upright and check to make sure all four feet are flat on the floor. Also, check to make sure the L pieces are, in fact, on the left side and the right pieces on the right side. If you see any mistakes, correct them at this time.

Prepare the seat of the swing. While holding the seat upright, put on the pad, making sure the ruffle part is on the top. Insert the crotch belt through the slot of the pad, then fold the top of the pad down over the bottom of the seat. Then, insert the two elastic loops, flip over the seat and hook each elastic loop onto the appropriate peg on the side of the seat. These loops should cross over one another if they are attached the right way. Next, flip the seat back around and insert the waist belts through the slits of the plastic pad and make sure the pad edges fit around the rim of the seat. Finally, click the tray in place by inserting the tray tabs into the appropriate slots on the sides of the seat.

Connect the seat to the seat tube arm piece. Press the button on the seat tube arm piece and it into the seat tube. Again, listen for the snapping noise to ensure it is properly in place.

Secure the seat. Fit an M5 lock nut into the opening on the seat tube that looks like a hexagon. The rounded side of the nut should face outward. Then, insert the M5 x 30 mm screw into the opposite side's hole and tighten the screw with a screwdriver. Next, slide the seat tube into the motorized frame tube, making sure again that you hear the snapping sound when the button of the seat tube locks into the hole of the motorized frame tube.

Secure the motorized frame tube. Fit another M5 lock nut into the opening on the motorized frame tube that looks like a hexagon. Again, the rounded side of the nut should face outward. Insert another M5 x 30 screw into the hole of the opposite side of the motorized frame tube and tighten with a screwdriver.

Put on the toys. Take the string of each toy and fit it through the slot in a clip on the mobile. Check to make sure it is on properly by lightly tugging on the string to make sure it will not pop off.

Install the batteries. Open the battery compartment door and insert four D batteries, then replace the battery compartment door. Then the only thing left to do is place your baby in the swing, turn it on and enjoy.

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