How to Announce the Birth of a Baby

By Shelley Frost
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As your due date approaches, you'll no doubt hear from friends and family wondering if the big event has happened, yet. Announcing the birth of your new baby allows all of those inquisitive acquaintances to hear all the details. Sharing the news of your baby's debut ranges from informal texts or emails to formal, printed announcements. With a newborn in the house, you'll have your hands full, so planning for announcements before the birth saves you time and energy, when you're changing diapers and feeding almost nonstop.

Step 1

Choose the type of announcement you want to use. Two main options are online announcements and printed cards that have your baby's information on it. You can purchase cards with blank lines that you fill in by hand, but this takes time after the birth -- when you are likely very exhausted. Browse the online or printed options to narrow your choices before your baby is born. You'll have to wait to order them until after the birth, but choosing them ahead of time makes it easier after the birth.

Step 2

Write a list of all the people to whom you want to send announcements before you go into labor. Mark the people you will notify immediately through text or phone calls. This helps you avoid missing someone important when the big day arrives.

Step 3

Gather the contact information for the people on the list before you head to the hospital. If you send announcements online, you'll need an email address for each recipient. For printed invitations, you'll need a mailing address.

Step 4

Enter mailing addresses into your computer if you choose to send paper announcements. Print the address labels ahead of time. It may seem impersonal compared to hand-addressed envelopes, but you may find it difficult to write all of those addresses by hand after the baby is born.

Step 5

Purchase stamps before you go into labor if you're sending announcements in the mail. This helps you avoid hauling your newborn to the post office and waiting in line.

Step 6

Decide if you will include a photo in the birth announcement. You can easily attach a digital photo to an email announcement if you share the news electronically. For paper announcements, you can make copies of a favorite photo or order photo cards that include a picture of your newborn with his details printed with it.

Step 7

Settle in with your newborn before you worry about sending announcements. While you'll likely send out an email, make calls or make a post on social networking sites, you can take longer to send out official announcements. A general rule of thumb is to send the announcements within the first six months, according to Hallmark.

Step 8

Order your announcements, or fill out the information on an online announcement, after your baby is born. Send the announcements online or through the mail, depending on the format you chose.

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