How to Write an Absent Note as a Parent

Although it's best for a child to attend school regularly, situations arise occasionally that necessitate a missed school day. This is especially true with the uncanny ability of children to share the latest illness with so many other students. To prevent negative attendance records, you will want to follow up on his school absence with a note explaining the situation.

Write the date on the top right corner of your piece of paper. The school will need to know when you prepared the absentee note for your child. Make sure to use a pen, so no one can erase and change any of the content you write.

Compose a greeting. This is part of any formal letter writing procedure. It lets the reader know whom the note was intended to go to. Usually this will be your child’s teacher, so write “Dear Ms. Smith,” on the left margin.

State your child’s name at the beginning of the body of the note. This is important as these notes are usually sent to the school’s office to be recorded and stored. It will do no good if the office doesn’t know who they are excusing.

Explain your child’s reason for the absence and the date that the absence occurred. Something along the lines of “Please excuse Billy Jones for being absent on January 14th. He was not feeling well and went to visit his doctor.”

Add any closing comments or questions, such as “Please send any missed homework home for him to complete. Thank you.”

Finish the absent note with your signature. This seals the deal -- makes it official and shows that your child did not write this note himself. It should include “Sincerely” or another formal closing.


If you do take your child to the doctor for an illness, make sure to ask for a doctor's excuse. Attach this excuse to the absentee note. Many schools will not count medically excused absences against a student's quota of allowed absences for the school year.