Woodworking Crafts for Teenagers

If your teenager thinks woodworking is a hobby better suited for Grandpa, it might be time to introduce him to some creative woodworking crafts that he can use to personalize his space and give as gifts to show off his new talent. It can help to keep him occupied on weekends and holidays and by the time he's finished with these simple projects, he might just have a brand new, favorite hobby.

Storage Projects

Introduce your teen to woodworking with simple box projects 1. You can help her make simple square or rectangular storage boxes that she can use to store books, loose change and other personal items. She can make the box from any type of wood -- an opportunity to recycle your leftover scraps -- and then she can paint or stain the box to suit her personal taste. If she'd like to use the box to store her special keepsakes, help her make a lid and show her how to attach hinges and a lock. Once she's mastered the woodworking art of simple, geometric designs, move on to making boxes from less conventional shapes, such as:

  • stars
  • triangles
  • octagons
  • or making boxes with a secret compartment for her exceptionally special mementos


You can help your teen make some new furniture for around the home so he can beam with pride when you show off his woodworking projects to guests 1. Small shelves, stools and a basic table or desk are relatively stress-free projects, and these woodwork crafts can be as simple or as elaborate as your teen wood like. He can make an ordinary stool to practice his skills with a saw and drill -- under your guidance, of course. But, if he's feeling a little creative, he can transform it into a decorative seat or ottoman with a cushioned and colorful fabric top, made from cotton batting and his favorite colored or patterned fabric.

Room Decor

Your teen can use her budding woodworking skills to add some personal decor in her room 1. She can transform an ordinary bed into the focal point of the room with a brand new wooden headboard that can be mounted directly to the wall for safety. Other creative room decor projects include wooden wall art, made from the letters of her name or a favorite quote, or a display case to show off a prized sports jersey or concert memorabilia.

Gift Ideas

Whether it's Christmastime or the middle of summer, your teen can show off his generous side by making gifts for family and friends that happen to showcase his new woodworking skills, too. Encourage your teen to be kind and make a wooden airplane model or a wooden toy toolbox for a younger sibling's birthday -- even an annoying little brother who mimics his every move. She can make a simple picture frame for Grandma with a photo of the two of them together, or miniature planter pot boxes to give to Mom for Mother's Day. Coasters are a simple, introductory craft he can make for uncles or aunts; he can cut the wood in any shape he likes, sand it down and embellish the shapes with paint or photos, sealed in with a layer of polyvinyl acetate.