What Are Some Ways for Teenagers to Blow Off Steam?

The average teenager experiences stress. From school work to anxiety over her social life, it's common for your teen to get overloaded. Unfortunately, teens aren't always well-equipped to deal with daily stress, which is when your teen might become moody, lazy or angry. Teaching your teen to blow off steam in healthy ways requires helping him learn to deal with the stressful business of growing up.

Sports and Exercise

Pent-up energy can make your teen susceptible to mood swings and extra stress, so encourage her to exercise regularly. Whether she plays on a school sports team or she goes for a run when she's feeling tense, exercise can not only help let off steam, it also triggers the release of feel-good hormones -- called endorphins -- in the brain. Encourage your teen to get at least 60 minutes of exercise each day, especially when school, friends and family life are getting hectic.

Journals and Blogs

Having a private place to vent frustration and worry can help your teen blow off steam when she's feeling stressed or angry. A regular paper journal works well, or you could set up a private blog for your teen to use -- just ensure that you have the password and are in charge of privacy settings. Either way, it gives your teen an opportunity to define what is bothering her, even if no one ever sees the words.

Creative Outlets

Some teens respond better to stress if they have a creative outlet to help blow off some steam. Anything from an art class to a musical instrument and even graphic design can help your teen calm his thoughts and lower his overall stress level. If you think your teen would benefit from a creative outlet, sign him up for lessons or a class to learn creative skills that he can later use as a method for stress relief.

Silly Fun

Getting silly and having some fun is an ideal way for your teen to forget her stress and anxiety. Sometimes, teens just need to focus on something other than whatever is stressing them out, so arrange for a bowling night with her and some friends or invite her for a movie and manicure night with yourself. Even just turning up some music and dancing can be enough to help her blow off some steam.

Venting and Communication

If all else fails, just ask your teen what is frustrating or stressing him out. Encourage him to tell you and to air his feelings. Talking to someone can help him relieve stress as long as you don't judge, interrupt or try and suggest quick fixes without your teen asking for advice. In fact, just being a listening ear can be one of the most important things you do for your teen.