The Best Ways to Teach Your Kid to Remember a Number

By Zora Hughes
A toy or old phone is extremely useful in teaching children phone numbers.
A toy or old phone is extremely useful in teaching children phone numbers.

Children need to start learning their phone number, 911, and other important numbers at an early age for the sake of their safety when they are not in your care. Between learning the alphabet, counting and learning colors, it can be hard for young children to remember specific phone numbers just by drilling it into them. Incorporating learning these phone numbers with engaging learning activities can make learning important phone numbers easy and enjoyable.

Make Phone Number Music

Kids are great at learning all of those classic children's songs. Setting important phone numbers to your child's favorite tunes can make them easier to memorize. For example, you might set your song to the tune of the "ABC" song, with lyrics such as, "555, 575, 5565. I am earning my phone number, I will teach you, do not wonder," and repeat. Get as creative or silly as you would like with it. You could come up with a clapping rhythm or movements that can further help your child remember the phone numbers.

Practice on a Phone

Give your child an old house phone or a toy phone that she can practice dialing important phone calls on. She can play and pretend she is talking on the phone while you challenge her with dialing the phone numbers you want her to remember. Start with the easy-to-remember, but very important phone number, 911. Role-play scenarios with your child, based on things that might happen that would be a reason for her to dial 911. Make sure she knows that 911 is only for life-threatening emergencies and to never dial it just to play around.

Phone Number Challenges

Have random phone number quizzes that test your child's memorization of important phone numbers. You can make it fun by randomly calling out, "Number challenge! What's Dad's cell phone number?" every once in a while. Tell your child to always be ready for a number challenge because they can happen at any time. Give small rewards if she can get it right each time. Always praise your child for remembering the numbers and encourage her to keep trying if she is struggling with remembering. Positive encouragement will only motivate her to continue working on it.

Phone Number Craft

Break out the glitter glue, scissors and construction paper to have your child write out important phone numbers in decorative fashion. Incorporating phone numbers with arts and crafts, especially if your child enjoys doing them, can help reinforce the numbers in her head. Under each important number you want her to memorize, write the name of the person or the organization whose number it is. You can tape the decorated numbers to a wall in your child's room, where she has to look at them every day.

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