What Are Some Ways Kids Can Help to End World Hunger?

Most kids are aware that many hungry and impoverished people are in the world 2. Kids might become overwhelmed and ask many questions when they see hungry people, particularly children their own age, who are suffering from hunger. Guide kids to be proactive and help to ease world hunger one step at a time by spreading awareness and volunteering. According to the U.N. World Food Programme, "Hunger is the world's greatest solvable problem."


The first step to help end world hunger is to talk about it with kids. Discuss why hunger and poverty occur and what affect they have on society. They can also learn about difference between starvation and malnutrition. The United Nation's World Food Programme notes that almost 870 million people in the world do not eat enough to be healthy, including almost 100 million children who are underweight due to poor nutrition. Learning such statistics can help kids better understand why world hunger is a problem. As kids learn about hunger, they can develop and teach hunger-awareness projects to their friends, classmates and others in their community.


Having events for causes such as hunger helps to spread awareness about the issue and raise money to help people who are facing hunger. The site Kids Can Make a Difference suggests having fundraising bake sales that include foods from around the world or a neighborhood garage sale 1. Kids can also plan special events such as a costume ball, talent show, sports day or walkathon. They can ask businesses and individuals to sponsor the event in exchange for advertising and also charge a small fee for entrance to raise money, with all proceeds going toward a reputable charity that fights hunger.


Kids might be surprised to learn that hunger is close to home; many families and people in their communities and cities might not be getting enough to eat or getting the nutrition they need. Kids Against Hunger helps you find out what organizations are helping people who are hungry and how kids can help 23. They provide safe places where kids can volunteer by collecting donations, organizing and packaging meals and even serving 3. This hands-on experience will help to give kids a better appreciation of how hunger is right on their doorsteps and can affect anyone.

Write Letters

While kids might feel newspaper editors, government officials and local policymakers won't listen to them, writing letters can have an effect. Kids can alert decision-makers and the public about their concerns about hunger in their own towns and around the world. After learning about hunger, they can also suggest ideas about what to do to eliminate hunger, such as raising more awareness about the local food bank, what is needed and where to donate. Kids can ask their friends or classmates to write letters about hunger to demonstrate that they have a common purpose and feel strongly that something must be done. Help kids write polite, effective letters by first discussing what they want to say and then giving them tips about how to say it. You can read letters to the editor in your local newspaper to them to give them an example of the format. Remind kids that it does not matter if they do not get a reply or see immediate change; issues such as hunger take time and determination to resolve.