VTech V Smile Instructions

The V-Smile video game system is a simple, kid-friendly video game console. The system uses "Smartridges" to let you and your family play a huge variety of video games with an educational twist in a number of subjects. The V-Smile works with up to two players and uses input cables and a joystick controller.

Plug the 9V adaptor or batteries into the V-Smile. Connect the power adaptor to the wall and the power socket on the device. If you are using batteries, flip the console over and remove the battery hatch cover. Insert the three C batteries according to the diagram on the inside of the compartment. The middle battery should have the minus terminal pointing toward the hatch clasp, and the other two should face the opposite direction. Return the cover and flip the unit upright.

Plug the A/V cables into the A/V ports on your TV or VCR. The coloured cable end should match the colour of the port into which you have inserted it.

Plug the controller cable into the controller port on the front of the console. The first player console is plugged into the left-hand port, and player two is connected to the right-hand port.

Insert the Smartridge into the front of the console. The label should face outward.

Power on the TV and the console. If you're using a VCR, switch that on as well. Change the channel on the TV and/or VCR until the V-Smile screen appears on the TV.

Press the "Enter" button on the controller to make a selection or perform certain in-game actions. Use the joystick to select options and move characters and cursors. The coloured buttons perform other in-game actions or make choices in questions and activities.

Press the "Help" button to receive helpful hints in the game. Use the "Learning Zone" button when you want to enter the Learning Zone.


You can store up to six Smartridges in the compartment on the top of the console. If you want to use the controller left-handed instead of right-handed, flip the controller over and pull the locking knob. Rotate the controller 180 degrees toward the front of the controller until it clocks into place.