The Best Vacation for a Single Mom With Kids

By Tara Thomas
Careful planning ensures a vacation everyone enjoys.
Careful planning ensures a vacation everyone enjoys.

Planning a family vacation is difficult enough. Planning a vacation as a single mom with kids is even harder. Most vacation packages are priced based on double adult occupancy, and balancing kid-friendly activities while allowing for adult fun is a real challenge. Below are some ideas and tips for the best vacation for a single mom with kids to help you get the most out of your time off.


Cruises offer exciting opportunities for moms and kids alike. On-board activities vary from cruise to cruise, but all offer babysitting services or activity clubs to keep kids busy while parents take a break. Disney Cruise Line has long been a popular choice among families. Kid-friendly from the start, Disney cruises are also designed with grown-ups in mind. Adults-only dining, pools and lounging areas provide a mature experience sans children. The Disney Fantasy, the line's newest ship, has arcades, youth clubs, lounges and activity centers on-board for the kids. There is also plenty to do as a family on the Fantasy's seven-day journey through either the Eastern or Western Caribbean.

Single Parent Tours

Do you think of yourself as the adventurous type? Then a single parent tour may be the ticket for you. Eco-tourism and adventure tours gain momentum as travelers seek off the beaten path destinations and embrace tourist responsibility. One such company offering single family adventure tours is Explore. For over 30 years, Explore has led small adventure groups and currently has more than 500 adventures in over 120 countries. Started by single mom, avid traveler and industry insider, Brenda Elwell, Single Parent Travel works to solve problems associated with single traveling. Single Parent Travel arranges deals with resorts and other vacation outfits to avoid double occupancy hassles and costs. Cruises, treks to Machu Picchu, white-water rafting and a host of other adventures await. If a laid-back resort vacation is more your speed, Single Parent Travel also arranges all-inclusive resort vacations.


Sometimes grand vacations just aren't in the budget, but this doesn't mean you have to forgo a vacation all together. Stay-cations are an option for those unable to travel great distances. Select a destination near you that's only a few hours away. Take a road trip or short flight and you can have your getaway without the hassle of intensive travel. This option is particularly good for single moms with very young children who may not be ready for long trips. Large amusement parks, quaint beach towns, national parks and mountain cabins make for fantastic stay-cations that won't drain the wallet.


Plan and book your trip in advance. Not only will you guarantee a better price on travel arrangements and lodging, you'll also have ample time to gather important documents like passports or vaccination records. Consider pairing up and traveling with a friend in your same situation. With another parent there to shoulder responsibilities and provide adult company, you have more time to relax and enjoy a stress-free time with the kids.

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