How to Use a Toy Text Message With an ID 0703-01B

ID 0703-01B refers to a text messaging toy designed and manufactured by Sakar's Cyber Gear 1. This toy allows children to communicate with each other through text messages and without incurring wireless charges. Unlike other devices that can send text messages through a wireless service provider, messages can only be sent with these devices if a line of sight is maintained between the sending device and the receiving device.

Using the Cyber Gear SMS Text Messenger

Enter the IR chat mode. This can be done in one of two ways. One way is to press the “Chat” button. The other way is to press the “On/Off Mode” button. This button allows users to scroll through each of the device’s functions. Keep pressing the “On/Off Mode” button until “Chat?” is shown on the screen.

Write your message using the device’s keypad. Users must spell out messages using the number pad. This is done using the method associated with cell phones before the QWERTY keypad was available. Each letter is assigned to a number. A, B and C are associated with 2, for example. Push the number key once for the first letter, twice for the second letter and three times for the third letter. To illustrate, you can type “B” by pushing “2” twice.

Move from one letter to the next by choosing letters on the keypad. If you want to use the same keypad button twice, i.e. if you want to type an “A” and then a “B,” press the “forward” arrow key to move to the next character slot before typing “B.”

Select “Send.” At this point “P/I?” will appear on the screen. Users can ignore this. Push “ICQ Call” to send the message.

Save messages once you have sent them by pressing “Enter.”

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