How to Use Receiving Blankets

Receiving blankets are one of those baby items that have so many other uses other than the one for which they were created. Receiving blankets make useful all-purpose blankets that can be great for layering warmth around a baby. If you receive a lot of receiving blankets as baby gifts, consider yourself fortunate and learn the many ways to use receiving blankets as you care for your baby.

Layer several receiving blankets over a baby when the temperature is such that your baby may need more or less covering to stay comfortable. If your baby becomes too warm, remove a receiving blanket. If your baby is not warm enough, add a receiving blanket.

Wrap a receiving blanket around a baby for swaddling. Place the baby's head near one of the corners. Fold the left corner over the baby. Bring the bottom corner up over the baby. Fold the remaining right corner over the baby and wrap the baby up tightly in the receiving blanket.

Use a receiving blanket as a burp cloth. Receiving blankets make great burp cloths because they are larger than a typical burp cloth. For this reason, they are great to place over your shoulder to protect your clothes from messes when you are burping a baby.

Wipe up accidental spills of formula or breast milk when you are feeding your baby.

Drape a receiving blanket over mother and baby for privacy when breastfeeding in a public place.

Cover your baby with a light receiving blanket when the weather is warm but you still want the baby to have a blanket.

Cover the baby with a receiving blanket to protect the baby from sun and bugs when the baby is in a stroller.

Place a receiving blanket onto any public surface you need to place your baby, like a public changing table or a public infant seat in a shopping cart. The receiving blanket will keep your baby comfortable and help protect the baby from germs.

Lay a receiving blanket onto a carpeted floor when you want to place the baby onto the floor for play time.

Use a receiving blanket to line your changing table pad. The receiving blanket can easily be thrown into the washing machine and replaced with a new one when soiling occurs.

Roll receiving blankets up and use them to help position a baby in both a car seat or a crib. A rolled receiving blanket can be placed on each side of the baby's head to make sure that the baby's head stays straight and upright in the car seat. A rolled receiving blanket can be place on either side of a baby in a crib to prevent rolling onto the side or tummy.