How to Use miPump the First Years

Breastfeeding provides sufficient nutrition for your newborn's first year of life and promotes mother-child bonding. According to a team of researchers led by Dr. Michael Julius, a specific protein in breast milk, CD14, helps jump start an infant's immune system and develop essential B cells, which are instrumental in the development of antibodies. The American Academy of Pediatrics also recommends breastfeeding an infant for the first year of life. The miPump can make breastfeeding your child more convenient for you and your infant.


Insert a valve into the bottom of the three-way adapter and press firmly into place. Screw a milk storage bottle onto the adapter.

Press a Flexi-Fit breast shield onto the three-way adapter. Attach the double end of the hose to the miPump. Attach the single end of the hose to each three-way adapter.

Plug the AC adapter into the side of the pump or plug the pump into the cradle with the AC adapter. Plug the adapter into a compatible outlet.


Express a few drops of breast milk by hand. Press the power button on the miPump until the light turns on (usually about 3 seconds).

Wash hands. Get in a comfortable position, sitting upright. Hold one of your breasts in one hand and center your nipple on the Flexi-Fit shield, covering your breast completely. Repeat this step for your other breast.

Hold the pump handle at the front of your breast. Adjust the rotating arms until you are comfortable with the pump. Adjust the pump suction level using the "+" or "-" buttons.

Remove the pump safely from your breast by turning the suction settings to low. Hold your breast in one hand and gently remove the Flexi-Fit shield, peeling down from the top. Repeat this step for your other breast.

Remove the bottle from the pump by pushing the release button. Remove the hose from the three-way adapter. Clean all pieces thoroughly prior to next use.


Sit comfortably when you pump to promote milk flow.

Always wash your hands prior to and after pumping breast milk.

Practice several times with your miPump to become familiar with it.

You can use the miPump on a single breast without any complications.


Read the instructions prior to using your First Years miPump breast pump.