How to Use Magnets to Self-Propel a Toy

Magnets are often used in children's toys to make them move to connect to each other without the use of motors or gears 1. If you have a few small toys at home that you want to make self-propellant, you can do so by attaching magnets onto the toys 1. Once the toys are placed next to each other, they will be magnetically draw to each other, making them move as if by magic.

Peel off the backing from two adhesive magnets 1.

Stick one of the magnets onto one end of a small toy, and the other magnet onto the end of a different toy 1.

Repeat this process again, sticking the magnets onto the opposite sides of the toys 1.

Line up the toys, end to end, with the magnets facing each other that have the same poles 1. You can tell whether the poles are the same because they will repel each other.

Push one of the toys toward the other, pointing the magnet end of the first toy directly at the magnet end of the second toy. This will cause the second toy to self-propel across the floor.