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How to Use Lego Templates

By Alan Bradford ; Updated April 18, 2017
Use templates in Lego Digital Designer to start with a prebuilt model.

For Lego-obsessed fans, there is no better tool than the Lego Digital Designer for satisfying every construction whim. The Lego Digital Designer allows you to build your own Lego creation on your computer, design your own product box, and have your design shipped, in your custom box, right to your home. You can use the templates feature to save a Lego creation in the software and use it again as a basis for future building projects.

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Create a Lego Template

Open Lego Digital Designer. Select a starter model in the "Choose a starter model" section or select "Choose free build."

Use the build tools to add to a starter model or build your model in free build.

Click the "Templates" tab in the Brick palette on the left side of the window when you have a model that you want to save as a template.

Click the "Edit" menu and select "Select All." This selects the entire creation to save as a template. You also can use the cursor to select certain parts of the model to save as a template.

Click the icon at the top of the Templates tab. The tool tip that appears over the icon when you hover the cursor over it reads "Creates a template from selection." When you click the icon, a thumbnail image of the template appears in the Templates tab. This template will be available every time you work in Lego Digital Designer until you delete it.

Open a Lego Template

Open Lego Digital Designer.

Click the "Choose free build" button.

Click the "Templates" tab in the Brick palette on the left side of the window.

Select the thumbnail of the template that you want to use. If there are no template thumbnails on the Templates tab, it means you have not yet created a template. Create a template first, and then you can use it again to build on. When you click a template, the model in the template appears in the main build window.

Use the cursor to position the model where you want to place it on the base plate, then click the left mouse button. You can now build on the template to create a new Lego creation.


Templates are intended as a way to save basic shapes or ideas that you can customize later on. For example, you can create a basic car shape with wheels and save it as a template. Later, you can select that template and create a variety of different styles of cars.


Be aware that clicking the red X in a template thumbnail will cause a confirmation window to appear, asking if you want to permanently delete the template. If you click "Yes," the template will be deleted.

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