Unique Boy Names

While there are many things to do when expecting a baby, perhaps one of the most exciting things is thinking of a name. Choosing a name that is meaningful, that both you and your partner like and that your child will identify with and appreciate is a big job, but one that can be a lot of fun. When it comes to names for a boy, there are literally countless options that stray away from the expected.

Existing Names

One way that you can go about choosing a unique name for your baby boy is by considering existing names. Believe it or not, there are countless names already in existence that simply aren't used often. You could use names that are related to your heritage that aren't heard very often in your own culture. For example, the Gaelic names Daire and Cormac aren't often used in the United States.

Family Names

Another option to consider for unique baby boy names is the use of family names. Perhaps your family has an interesting surname somewhere; your great grandmother's last name, for example, may make a unique first name for your baby boy 1. A relative that lived generations ago may have had an interesting, uncommon first name that your son could perhaps carry on.

Favorite Places

If celebrities are naming their children after destinations, then certainly you can, too. If you have a favorite place that you simply love, it may serve as a unique first name for your baby boy. For instance, if you love the city of Dublin, or you have fond memories of a trip to Las Vegas, you could use Dublin or Vegas as a unique first name for your boy.

Favorite Things

A word that is spoken every day -- but is not necessarily used as a name -- can serve as a unique boy name. For example, you could consider naming your son after your favorite color, but use the translation of the color in a foreign language. If your favorite color is yellow, you could use the French "Jaune" as your son's name. You might even be inspired by a favorite food -- for example, if you adore pears, the Spanish word "Pera" may be a contender for your son's name.