Top Graduation Songs for Preschoolers to Dance To

Before your little learner makes the transition from pre-K to K, contribute to her lasting memories by providing a fun-filled song for the gang to dance to. Unlike a stuffy college ceremony, a preschool graduation typically focuses on a more light-hearted celebration 23. Top graduation songs for your child, and her classmates, to dance to will inspire and entertain as she spends her last day at pre-K.


When choosing a song, you consider what is in vogue with the tykes right now. For example, are dinosaur tunes trendy, while songs about trucks are completely out? Additionally, take your child's age into consideration. The top songs that your teen plays at his high school graduation might have inappropriate themes or words for a more tot-like audience. Although it's acceptable to move past the traditional kiddie songs, don't go to far into adult-like language and topics. That said, some songs -- such as Kool and the Gang's "Celebration" -- are acceptable for young children.

Songs and Dance

If that poignant moving-on song that you heard on the radio last week seems like an ideal choice for your preschooler's graduation, keep in mind that slow and down-tempo songs are difficult to dance to. You might also want to pick a song that speaks to some of the topics that your child has covered during her preschool year. For example, you can pick a song that stems from a beloved book, encouraging the graduating children to make the character's movements or re-enact what they remember reading throughout the school year.

Little Kid Musicians

Going with a song that is specifically made for a child audience is one way to encourage your graduate, and his pals, to get up and celebrate the end of the school year. The child development experts at KidsHealth note top favorites include Laurie Berkner, the Wiggles and Raffi as mainstays of the young child's musical pantheon. Even if a specific song doesn't completely focus on a graduation topic, choosing a beloved performer will spark the kids' interest in getting up and moving to the music. For example, "Shimmy Shake" by the Wiggles isn't exactly a grad song, but it will add to your child's celebration and encourage the children to dance and move. To maximize your music choices go for a compilation or "best of" album, such as "The Best of the Laurie Berkner Band."

Singing and Dancing

You don't always have to play a song that a pro has created to have a last dance at pre-K graduation. A preschool graduation can double as a performance opportunity, allowing the kids to sing themed songs while dancing to their own voices 23. Change the words of a traditional tune such as "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" to graduation-themed lyrics or go with a learning themed song such as the "A-B-C" song 2. Many preschool or early education websites feature teacher-created song substitution ideas that take well-known lyrics and swap them out for graduation themes 23. Check out the Easy Preschool Activities website, Preschool Learning Online or the Preschool Professor if you are struggling to come up with your own songs 23.