Toddler Activities for the Color Red

Your child learns a great deal of what she'll need to know for life during her toddler years. One of those things is colors. You can practice your toddler's color recognition skills with entertaining and engaging activities that she'll enjoy while she's also learning. Focus on one color at a time to make the learning process even more concrete.

Art Projects

Get out art supplies and let your child get creative while she's learning about the color red. Supply red crayons or markers and have your child color pictures of apples, fire trucks and flowers. Give your toddler a piece of white paper and let her use the red crayons or markers to scribble 1. Red paint is a messier activity, but most toddlers enjoy a chance to use watercolors or washable tempera paints. You and your child might also flip through toddler-friendly magazines looking for pictures of red things. Help your child cut them out and glue them to red paper to make a collage. Remind your child that each item is red as you go so she'll be able to connect the color to its name.

Hands-On Activities

Take your toddler into his toy room and ask him to bring you toys, such as cars, balls or blocks, that are the color red. Praise his efforts as he brings you red objects. Gather some small items, such as buttons or beads, and ask your toddler to separate out all of the red items. Keep a close eye on your child during this activity to be sure he doesn't put the small objects into his mouth. You might also challenge your toddler to dress entirely in red. Help him find a red shirt, red pants and red socks. He might also enjoy putting on red underwear.

Go On A Color Hunt

Play a color hunt game with your toddler while you're running errands, going for a walk, playing outside or waiting in line. Depending on where you are, challenge your child to find things that are red. If you're driving, see how many red cars and trucks she can find. If you're walking, ask her to find red flowers, red leaves or red birds. At the playground, you might ask her to point out other children that are wearing red. At the grocery store, see how many red foods your toddler can find.

Edible Activities

Turn eating time into educational time by introducing a few edible activities. Serve an entire meal that's red. Strawberries, red bell peppers, apples, pizza and spaghetti with sauce are a few options that most toddlers enjoy. You might also have an entire day dedicated to eating only foods that are red. Add a drop of food coloring to your child's milk, applesauce or yogurt and let him stir it up and watch it turn red. If you're up for a mess, spread vanilla pudding on a tray, add red food coloring and let him finger paint with it before he eats it.