Time Management Activities for Kids

Prioritizing and time management are some of the most important lessons of growing up. Children are never too young to begin developing an understanding of prioritizing. Using games is a fun approach to cultivating a child's appreciation of time management practices.

Draw Pictures That Prioritize Daily Activities

Encourage children to make their own time management scale by dividing a blank sheet of paper into four squares. Have them draw pictures of items or activities according to importance.

Organize Activity Materials

Purchase bins in different colors and invite your child to place his toys, chore materials and schoolwork into different bins depending on their level of priority.

Play “Time Me”

Children often respond well to set boundaries. Set a kitchen timer as your child engages in chores, homework and play time to give an idea of how long each activity should run.

Let Your Child Be Your Shadow

Allow your child to “shadow” you as you go about your business during the day. Explain your choice of activity as you go along, and invite your children to make notes (or draw pictures). At the end of the day, talk together about how you chose your order of activities.

Play the “Time Management” Game Show

Give your child a series of three choices of daily activities. Ask her to prioritize the activities according to order of importance. Reward good choices.