Things to Do With a Toddler Near Loganville, Georgia

You might think a small city like Loganville, Georgia would have limited activities available for always on-the-go toddlers, but you would be mistaken. Loganville is an extremely family-focused area just outside of the metro-Atlanta suburbs with a myriad of exciting activities available to keep you and your toddler entertained. Enjoy anything from a day at the farm to a trip to the theater, or simply pack a bag and hang out at the toddler-friendly playground. Whatever your toddler's interests, you can be sure there is a fun activity available in Loganville.

City Sponsored Events

Throughout the year, the city of Loganville sponsors a variety of family-friendly festivals and activities perfect for you and your toddler. On Independence Day, see fireworks light up the sky, and in October visit the Autumn Heritage Festival for crafts, food and music for you and your toddler to enjoy 1. At the end of November, the city of Loganville holds a tree lighting festival with traditional Christmas music and a special tree lighting ceremony to prepare for Christmas. In December, your toddler will see classic Christmas characters in a Christmas parade for children.

Music and Theater

For lively performances, you and your toddler can travel about 20 minutes outside of Loganville to the Aurora Theatre in downtown Lawrenceville. The Aurora Children's Playhouse at the Aurora Theatre offers a wide variety of shows specifically for young children 2. The Aurora Children's Playhouse regularly features story sessions with children's authors, comedic performance, puppet shows, music showcases and more 2. The Aurora Children's Playhouse performances are on Saturday mornings, with summer performances scheduled during the week 2.

Outdoor Activities

For a day of fun outdoors, try taking your toddler to Bay Creek Park, equipped with a regular playground, a playground designed for special needs children and on-site restrooms. The Vines Botanical Gardens also offers public access to their gardens. Walk the half-mile paved trail through the gardens and see seasonally blooming plants, a water garden, fountains, a swan lake and a rose garden. For a more interactive experience, visit Washington Farms with your toddler 5. In the spring and summer, visit the farm for strawberry, blackberry and blueberry picking. The farm also boasts seasonal pumpkin picking, a corn maze, playground activities, a petting zoo, hayrides and more.

Indoor Activities

For toddlers as young as 18 months, Southern Gymnastics and Cheer offers parent-accompanied classes for you and your toddler to enjoy together. A separate space is available with appropriately sized equipment. Visit the O'Kelly Memorial Library and spend some quiet time with your toddler reading children's books together 6. You can even introduce your child to the concept of borrowing and returning library books by getting a free library card.