Things for Teenagers to Do During Christmas Vacation

Teens often complain about being bored or having "nothing to do" on their down time, but Christmas break should never be one of those times. Aside from Christmas shopping and family get-togethers, your teen has a host of things she can do to keep herself occupied, from volunteering her time to just hanging out with her friends outside of school. Encourage your teen to make the most of her Christmas vacation by engaging in as many fun and fulfilling activities as she can.


Nothing could be more valuable than for teenagers to spend their free holiday time giving back. Shelters, food banks and soup kitchens are inundated with needy patrons during the holidays and they can use all the help they can get. Encourage your child to give back to her community in a way that she chooses. She could collect canned goods to give to the food back, sign up for shifts serving food at a shelter or even start a coat drive to help provide winter coats for kids in need. If your teen has an artistic talent, she could volunteer to perform at a retirement home or a children's hospital as well.

Start New Activities

Your teen has no reason to be bored during Christmas vacation when she can take the opportunity to try something new or do something she doesn't normally have time for. Perhaps she has been wanting to try rock climbing. Take your teen to a rock climbing gym for her first experience. Sign her up for a cooking class at a local culinary school if she loves being in the kitchen. Perhaps she has simply had no time to start on the book series that all her friends are raving about. Vacation time is the perfect opportunity for her to catch up.

Attend Holiday Events

Get your teen into the holiday spirit by attending holiday events around town with her friends. Take your teen and her friends ice skating at night at the outdoor rink. In some cities, current pop music or even live musicians perform on certain days. If popular teen singers and bands are performing special holiday concerts in your area, get tickets for your teen and her best friend. Your teen can also host a little holiday hangout at your home. The teens can have a hot chocolate-making contest and pick out the goofiest holiday movies to watch.

Make Time For Family

Christmas vacation is an opportunity for your teen to re-connect with the family, no matter how "uncool" that might seem. If you have younger children, encourage your teen to spend time with them, especially if she is generally very busy. Have her take them Christmas shopping, or out to the movies to see a children's holiday movie. Involve your teen in preparing Christmas dinner, allowing her to choose something to make on her own. Put on your winter gear and go for a family hike through the snow. She could also take charge of a family game night, planning family-friendly games with a holiday theme.