Things to Do With Kids in Dallas/Fort Worth

The Dallas/Fort Worth area is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country and home to more 6 million people, according to the 2010 U.S. census. Whether you are just visiting or live in the area, finding things to do with the kids is not a problem. Big in Texas culture, you'll find big attractions where you can make fun memories with the children.

Nature and Wildlife

For a look back in time to see what Dallas/Forth Worth was like before it was settled, take the kids to the Fort Worth Nature Center ( 1. Forests, prairies and wetlands comprise this protected area where kids can connect with nature, going on hikes and participating in wilderness education classes and programs such as Meet the Turtles or Insects in Winter. You can sign up the little ones for the Preschool Discovery Club, which meets once a month. The Dallas Arboretum ( displays 66 acres of gardens, ornamental shrubs, flowers and trees. Kids will likely love taking a stroll through this scenic area enjoying the brilliant colors and varied plants found in nature.

Animal Parks

The Dallas World Aquarium ( is home to hundreds of exotic animals and sea creatures 2. In the rainforest area, the kids will likely enjoy viewing the toucans, sloths and many endangered species such as the Orinoco crocodile and giant river otter. The aquarium section features sharks, sea rays, jellyfish, Japanese crabs and seadragons. There's lots for kids to do and see at the Dallas Zoo ( The Giants of the Savanna habitat offers guests an interactive experience with several different species of animals that call the savanna home including elephants, giraffes, zebras, ostriches and lions. The zoo also includes the Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo, which features educational, interactive, and entertaining exhibits for toddlers to pre-teens 3. At the farm exhibit, kids can ride ponies, feed birds, rabbits, donkeys, goats and other farm animals.


Fair Park ( is a 277-acre landmark in the heart of Dallas featuring museums, performances, art and various other attractions. Summer Adventures in Fair Park is a combination amusement park and educational adventure, offering an extensive collection of memorabilia of the State Fair and the Texas Centennial Exposition of 1936, as well as fun rides like a Ferris wheel and Texas Skyway. The music hall provides regular kid-friendly musical theater. Kids will likely also enjoy walking through the gardens and the aquarium. Billy Bob's Texas ( is another option offering regular country music concerts open to all ages, dance lessons suitable for older kids, and bull riding 4. It also serves real Texas-smoked barbecue meals.

Amusement Parks

Zero Gravity Thrill Park ( features extreme rides sure to please the older kids 5. It features a bungee jump, free drop, roller coaster and other thrill-seeking rides. Speed Zone ( features a larger variety of attractions with something for every age. There are go-karts for young kids, drift-style racers, drag racers and a large selection of other racing rides for older kids and adults. There's also full arcade, mini-golf, mini-bowling, a roller coaster, and food and drink available.