Things to Do With Babies Around Seattle

Nestled in Western Washington near Puget Sound, Lake Washington and the Olympic peninsula, Seattle is a major city in an area chock full of natural beauty. Seattle offers a range of attractions and activities for even the smallest tots.

Animal Fun

Zoos and aquariums are tops on the list of baby-friendly attractions. Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo is free for children younger than age 2, and you and your tyke can watch birds, butterflies, penguins, reptiles and many mammals 3. At the Seattle Aquarium, located on the waterfront at Pier 59, you can point out otters, seals and birds to your kiddo 12. Take in all of the colorful fish, jellyfish and squids, and let the underwater dome dazzle your baby. If you're heading south of Seattle, check out Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma 2. On top of the a range of regular zoo animals to view, this location overlooking Puget Sound has baby- and kid-friendly shows at the outdoor theater, an underwater view of the aquarium so your baby can catch a glimpse of the colorful fish swimming by and plenty of birds to check out in the indoor enclosure.


One of the most popular and iconic places in the Seattle area is the Pike Place Market. Put your baby in a carrier so you can squeeze through narrow aisles, and check out the numerous shops. Rows of colorful flowers will delight your baby's eyes and nose. Street musicians might also grab your baby’s attention as will the fish-throwing fishmongers. Throughout the year, you can find farmers markets throughout the city. You might find a new tasty food to let your baby try.


The Seattle area has many parks to enjoy with your baby. Seward Park is a 300-acre swath along Lake Washington that offers walking and biking trails. You might even spot some eagles or rabbits. In northeast Seattle, you will find the Sand Point neighborhood and Warren G. Magnuson Park. Throw some pebbles in the water, dip your baby’s toes in or watch the boats go by. The Washington Park Arboretum boasts plenty of beautiful gardens to take in while you picnic with your little one in tow.


Seattle Children’s Museum is designed to please children young and old 3. Group classes are geared to children as young as 10 months old on topics including art and shapes. You can participate in one of the designated group activities, such as the all-ages story time at noon, or you can wander through the building with your baby and enjoy the indoor playground designated for younger children. The International Fountain is mere steps from the museum and is perfect play to have lunch after visiting this museum. Just north of Seattle, the Imagine Children’s Museum is also worth a stop 3. Located in Everett, the museum offers a plenty of opportunities for babies and children to explore and create 3. Not only does this location have a play area specifically designed for children under the age of 5, you will also find several sensory areas throughout the building that your baby will enjoy sinking her fingers into, like the water sensory tables. If you come by on an early Sunday afternoon, you can also drop in to the FUNdamentals of Music and Movement class they offer.