How to Help your Teenager Write an Effective Job Flyer

Chances are pretty good your teenager is having a hard time snagging jobs in this economy. Maybe it's time s/he bit the bullet and made some good old-fashioned job flyers to find local odd jobs. Here are some things to consider when helping your teenager write an effective job flyer.

Help your teenager figure out the neighborhood demographic. They should advertise to this crowd. If there are lots of kids around, teens could land jobs by advertising mother's helper and babysitting services. Elderly neighbors could use help with housekeeping and yard work.

Make your teen design their own job flyer, as they will learn some valuable marketing skills.

Offer to proofread the job flyer when it's finished. Be sure the flyer is appropriate, and that it doesn't give too much personal information, such as their home address.

Make sure your teen lists his/her availability. Also, make sure the phone number on the job flyer is one that actually works. If the phone is frequently taken away as punishment, think about letting the teen list your phone number. You could pass along the messages.

Help your teenager think about rates and their competition. Your teen probably shouldn't advertise rates on the job flyer, but its good to know how much they would want to charge. Charging a little less than the local competition could help them land work.

Help your teenager deliver the flyers, but only if they ask nicely. You could drive and they could stick a job flyer in the paper boxes. (Not in mailboxes--that's illegal.)