How to Plan a Teddy Bear Picnic

Whether you're celebrating a birthday or just planning an outing, teddy bear picnics are a good way to keep the little ones entertained 1. While a picnic can vary drastically in theme, setting and activities, there are always three constants: children, their favorite teddy bears and food. When you're planning your teddy bear picnic, always make sure you have enough adults coming along to properly supervise the youngsters -- especially for larger parties and crowded venues 3.

Traditional Teddy Bear Picnics

Sometimes, the classics are the best way to go. Traditional teddy bear picnics are just that: picnics, wherein the kids bring along their favorite bears. Sandwiches, pizza, chips, fruits, hot dogs, hamburgers and anything else you'd bring on an ordinary picnic are all excellent fare for the picnickers during these outings. For activities, any number of outdoor games like tag will be appropriate choices. Since you can have a teddy bear picnic at any public park, they're also great for saving a little extra money on venue to put into the food and any party favors you decide to give out 13.

Teddies and the Silver Screen

Bringing the teddies on an adventure to the movies can be another fun picnic idea, provided the added cost of the tickets doesn't break your budget. Snacks can include cinema classics like popcorn, cinema dogs and other treats. Naturally a nice family-friendly feature is the best choice for little ones. If you're looking to save a little on the budget, you can instead set up a digital projector or large, widescreen television and host your own movie picnic. You'll save not only on ticket admissions, but also on expensive theater food, while also having a chance to tailor the menu to the group's tastes and nutritional needs.

Learning with Teddy

If you want to mix a little education into the fun, you could organize a teddy bear expedition to any number of interesting locales. Museums, art galleries, science centers and zoos are all great places to both have a nice day out and learn something new. Which venue fits best will greatly depend on the age group of the kids, so that they don't get bored. Any venue with a kids-friendly program will generally be a good choice. Bringing along lunch to enjoy at a nearby park is a low-cost food option, although venues with their own cafeterias or restaurants are also doable for a little more of your budget.

Teaching Teddy New Games

If you're wanting some readily available activities, taking your picnic to a nearby kid-friendly bowling alley or video arcade could be a solid choice. Depending on per-play or per-game cost and the number of attendees, this could be one of the more expensive courses to take, but handles any activity planning. Depending on the venue, lunch and snacks may also be available.