How to Teach Writing the Alphabet to Kindergarten Children

Most children between the ages of 2 and 4 can begin to identify the letters of the alphabet. Children who can identify and recognize the letters of the alphabet can begin to learn how to write them. With some time and patience, you can teach kindergarten-age children how to write the alphabet 3.

Give children blank sheets of paper and encourage them to hold and play with small objects like crayons, chalk, pencils or even paint brushes. Allow them to doodle on the paper as they choose. This helps develop the child's muscle coordination, an important factor in teaching them how to write 1. A child's muscle coordination improves with doodling. Muscle coordination is the foundation for children getting adjusted to the right finger movements, so they'll be able to learn to write the alphabet. You can also have your children practice drawing or tracing shapes, which can make it easier for them to write the alphabet by teaching them to draw straight lines and circles 1.

Hand out tracing worksheets to the children. Tracing worksheets are sheets with dotted letters. Children need to connect the dots to form a shape or line. You can buy books with these types of tracing worksheets at most toy, office supply and book stores or online. The more practice your child participates in these activities, the easier it is to begin writing the letters of the alphabet.

Speak to your child's future teacher or someone who knows the kindergarten or first grade curriculum for writing alphabet letters. Some schools may begin to teach uppercase letters and then move to lowercase. Other schools may follow the opposite. Knowing which system your child's school follows should eliminate any confusion.

Give your children an alphabet tracing worksheet 1. They've practiced tracing shapes and lines, so they'ill be ready to begin tracing the letters of the alphabet. You can buy book that have these types of sheets or you can download individual alphabet-tracing worksheets online. As children trace each letter, tell them the name of the letter and a few things that letter starts with. This familiarizes children with each letter. After children master tracing a letter of the alphabet, have them write it on blank sheets of paper 2.

Practice writing in the sand. Place sand in a wide box (or use a sandbox). Have children watch you slowly write the letter "A" in the sand. Have them trace that letter with their fingers. Provide guidance, as needed, as you may need to repeat this process. Erase the letter by leveling out the sand. Ask the children to write the same letter to see if they can do it. Again, they may need guidance and redirection to accomplish this task. Once children learn to write the letter "A", repeat the process with the letter "B" and so on.