How to Teach Kids the Lord's Prayer

Most children are quick to learn important concepts and messages. While teaching kids can sometimes be frustrating or difficult, it can also be very rewarding. This is especially true when it comes to teaching children about spiritual and religious topics 1. Knowing the Lord’s Prayer is important to Christians throughout the world. Whether you are teaching a Sunday school class or your own children about the Lord’s Prayer, it will be helpful to have some ideas 12.

Teach the children what prayer is 12. This may be difficult for some, but simply helping a child talk to God is a great start to learning the Lord’s Prayer 2. Teach them that God is just like a friend that they can talk with. Helping a child understand prayer is important because it will help them to understand what a prayer is and why the Lord’s Prayer is important.

Recite the Lord’s Prayer with the kids 2. Repetition is a great learning tool for kids and adults alike. After several repetitions of the prayer, you can talk about the meaning behind the prayer. Stop after each phrase to explain meanings or ask questions. For example, after the phrase “Give us today our daily bread,” you could talk about why it is important to ask for things that are important to us. You could also talk about thanking God for our food and blessings.

Make it fun. After learning the basics surrounding the Lord’s Prayer, it is important to make it fun. Learn the prayer as a song or a dance. Have the kids color pictures or play a game that relates to the prayer. Kids will be much more likely to remember the prayer when fun experiences are involved.


Remember that every child learns differently. Some can learn the prayer based on talking about its concepts, others will learn the prayer through repetition and others may need an activity. Try several methods and remember that learning anything important takes time. Repetition is key. The more you talk about the Lord’s Prayer, the better you child will learn it.