How to Teach Kids the Importance of a Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and teaching your child to make the right choices at breakfast might set him up for better success in school and a healthier body mass index, according to KidsHealth 124. While sugary cereals and yummy pastries might appeal to your child, these food items are not the best choices for breakfast 2. You can use games, the nutrition pyramid and your own example to teach the importance of a healthy breakfast 4.

Breakfast Bingo

Set up a breakfast bingo game where each of the categories -- B-I-N-G-O -- has a healthy choice for breakfast 4. Use a ruler to make the squares and write a differnt type of food in each square.

Put grains, fruits, protein, dairy and vegetables in separate categories.

Ask your child pick a food from each category to make a healthy breakfast. For example, she can pick milk, toast, eggs with chopped peppers and a banana.

Nutrition Pyramid Display

Find a nutrition pyramid photo online and print on heavy paper.

Use contact paper to cover the pyramid and hang it in the kitchen on the wall or refrigerator.

Ask your child to pick a food from the pyramid to eat. While eating from each of the basic food groups is ideal, a healthy breakfast contains at least one serving of grains, fruit and protein, according to the Nutrition Services Branch of the North Carolina Division of Public Health 4.

Breakfast Menu

Create a breakfast menu from which you can choose your child's breakfast each morning with his help .

List a variety of meals that fulfill the nutritional needs of your child, including a protein, grain, and fruit or vegetable with each menu item.

Hole punch each piece of paper and store them in a binder.

Set a Good Example

Use your own eating habits to set an example for your child.

Eat breakfast with your child or make yourself a to-go version of her breakfast item to take with you to work or school.

Make an effort to eat breakfast each morning 3. While skipping breakfast might seem like a good idea because of time constraints, an effort to lose weight or an aversion to eating first thing in the morning, those who eat breakfast tend to weigh less, have more energy and have lower cholesterol levels, according to WebMD 4.