What Supplies Does a Kid Need for Kindergarten?

Kindergarten marks an important transition for your child -- he is reaching a point in his life at which he will become a big kid. Teachers and classmates will have more expectations of him and he'll be expected to have all the necessary tools to succeed. While many schools might offer a supply list, these lists may not come out in time for you to take advantage of some of the deals offered throughout the summer.

Art Supplies

Kids use a variety of art supplies during the kindergarten year, including crayons, markers, colored pencils and glue sticks. They may also need watercolors and white glue. Some schools may require that kids be able to cut along a straight line by the end of the year, so they may also need safety scissors.

Writing Supplies

Kindergarten kids are expected to master some basic literary skills by the end of the year 2. For example, they are expected to know some letters of the alphabet and should be able to write the upper and lowercase versions of these letters. Additionally, many schools have the benchmark goal for students to be able to write their first and last name. Kids need pencils, paper, notebooks, erasers and writing folders to accomplish these goals. They may also need zipper bags or pencil boxes to hold everything in place. Some schools require kids to have dry erase markers to practice writing.

Snacks and Naps

Some schools may ask parents to send healthy snacks with their kids to school. More rigid testing requirements have all but eliminated traditional nap time, but for schools that still have naps as part of the kids' routine, kids may need a mat on which to sleep.

Sanitary and Cleaning Supplies

Schools often have limited funding and may pass on some basic expenses to the parents. Kids may be required to bring containers of cleaning wipes or paper towels. They may also need to take hand sanitizer and tissues to prevent the spread of germs.

Other Supplies

Kids usually need a backpack to carry their supplies. Schools may use a variety of ways to communicate with parents, such as issuing kids an agenda or sending a colored folder to and from school to carry important papers and homework. Schools may also ask parents to send plastic storage bags to school. Also, kids may need other items for specialized classes, such as shoes for physical education class.