Styling Doll Hair & Removing Frizz

Dolls arrive home from the store with beautifully set and styled hair, but over time the hair styles become disheveled and often the hair becomes frizzy. Because doll hair isn't natural, removing the frizz takes a little bit of work. Styling dolls' hair, whether they're Barbies or American Girls, is a painstaking task that requires a lot of concentration, but the end result can be a doll with beautifully styled hair 1.

Removing Frizz from Doll Hair

Shampoo the doll's hair by wetting it slightly with warm water, then spraying it with Windex. Work the Windex through the hair and rinse it out.

Spray children's detangler onto the doll's hair. Brush it through gently using a wig brush that has wire bristles set into a rubber base. American Girl makes a doll-sized brush for use on their dolls.

Apply a vinyl spray protectant, such as "Son of a Gun," which can be found in auto parts stores. Put a small plastic bag over the doll's head and secure it around the neck with a rubber band.

After a day or so, remove the plastic bag from the doll's head. Let the hair dry. If the hair is still frizzy, cap the doll with a knee-high nylon stocking and let it sit for a couple of days.

Styling Doll Hair in Curls

To curl a doll's hair, first straighten it by pouring boiling water over its head, immediately followed by cold water. Too much heat can ruin dolls' hair, so keep the contact with boiling water to a maximum of 10 seconds.

To set the doll's hair with curlers, roll the individual sections of hair around either very small rollers or small sections of straws, depending on the size of the doll. As you reach the tip of the doll's hair on each roller, wrap it with an end paper or piece of tissue paper.

As soon as you have finished setting the doll's hair, check the first roller you inserted to see if the hair is curly enough. If it is, start to remove the rollers in the same order in which you placed them. If it's not curly enough, wait but check the curl frequently.

Styling Doll Hair in Braids

Use the wig brush to divide the doll's hair into three even sections.

Braid the three sections together by putting the right section into the middle, then the left section into the middle, and so on until there is only about one inch of unbraided hair left.

Wrap, double wrap and triple wrap a small rubber band around the end of the braid.

If you want to end with a long braid, tie a ribbon around the rubber band, hiding it.

If you want to loop the braid, tuck the end of the braid up under the top of the braid, securing it firmly into the doll's hair with a pin if needed. Tie a ribbon around the braid where the end meets the doll's head.