Spring Activities for Kindergarten Kids That Teach Them How to Count

Spring is a great time to enjoy the outdoors and the fresh air. It's also a perfect time to take the kids outside for some spring-themed activities that teach them to count. Kindergarteners are just gaining a sense of numbers and counting -- and will likely enjoy exploring and creating in the warmth of the spring sun. According to the California Department of Education, you can expect kindergarteners to learn to count up to 20 objects and write the numerals 0 to 20 1.

Plant a Garden

Clear out an area in your garden so each child can dig some holes. The number of holes will vary depending on how much space you have and how many types of plants you want them to plant. Have each child count out a specific number of seeds. For example, if you are planting four different types of plants, ask the children to count out five seeds for each type of plant to equal 20 seeds per child. Ask the children to sprinkle the seeds into their holes and cover them gently with soil. Lightly water the soil after planting. As the plants grow, the children can count the sprouts, and eventually, they can count the number of fruits or vegetables each plant produces.

Trip to the Farm

Visit a local farm if you have one available nearby. Spring is the perfect time to see lots of new baby animals. Goats, sheep, chickens and pigs are a few of the animals you might see. Ask the children to count the baby animals in each pen. Ask them to count the mommy and daddy animals they see in each pen. Then ask them to count how many total animals they see in each pen. This helps to introduce the concept of addition.

Nature Hike

Pick a nearby nature area that's safe to explore with kids. Make a picture list for the kids that features images of things they might see on their hike like lizards, butterflies, birds, pine cones, orange flowers, yellow flowers and deer. Be sure to consider what types of wildlife and plants exist in your area when creating your list. Give each child a list and a pencil. Ask them to put a check mark next to each item on the list every time they see it. At the end of the hike, ask the children to count the number of check marks for each item. Then ask them to count how many check marks they have in total.

Make a Book

You can also help your kids create a number book. Fold three colored pieces of construction paper in half to make the book, stapling the folded edge to hold the pages together. On the front cover write a creative title like "Signs of Spring". Open the book -- and help the kindergarteners number the pages 1 through 10. Go outside and have the kids pick a few items to glue into their books, collecting enough items to coordinate with each page number -- such as 1 white flower, 2 green leaves or 10 blades of grass. Help them glue or tape their items into their books. A number book is an effective way to associate a written number with concrete objects -- and it makes a special keepsake.