Silver Cross Pram Instructions

Prams are a popular alternative to strollers and resemble an elegant bassinet with wheels. The Silver Cross Kensington Pram is both functional and stylish, with a chrome tray and spoked wheels, a quilted mattress and a braking system for safety. It has even been featured in American fashion magazine "Vogue." You can travel in style with your child while providing a comfortable and safe ride once you correctly assemble the Silver Cross Pram.

Unpack all pieces prior to assembly. Be sure the parking device is off prior to fitting the wheels to prevent damage.

Place the chassis of the Silver Cross Pram on one side. Pull the metal tab on one wheel and slide it onto the wheel axle. Lift the wheel until you hear a click, indicating the wheel is locked in place. Repeat this procedure for the remaining wheels.

Stand the chassis upright on the wheels. Pull the handle up and toward you until you hear it click into place. Slide the metal rings in place over the metal frame.

Be sure the parking brake is on and the metal clips are open, then lift the pram body by the handles and lower the body onto the chassis. Line the pram body up with the metal clips. Close the clips. Pull up on the frame to ensure that it is securely fastened the pram.

Adjust the safety harness to fit your child. Place your child in the pram and attach the safety harness to the metal loops located on the interior of the pram. Keep the clasp out of your child's reach for safety purposes.

Store the Silver Cross Pram by unfastening the metal clips and removing the pram body. Lift the metal rings, then simultaneously pull the safety catch toward you and push the handle away to fold flat. Remove the wheels to prevent damage during storage.


Never leave your child unattended in the Silver Cross Pram. Use the safety harness whenever your child travels in the pram. The Silver Cross is designed for use with one child at a time.