Rules at Home for Teen Boys

The teenage years can be a tough time in a boy's life, with so many temptations. During this time of growth, teens are creating their own identity and start to crave independence. This is a crucial time for parents to guide their kids, so that they grow to be caring and responsible adults. Creating some rules at home for your teen boy can make this task a bit easier.


Set some rules regarding what you expect of your teen in regards to his schooling. This could include having good behavior while at school and showing respect to his teachers, adults and peers. There can be a lot of pressure for teens in school, such as a busy schedule and a large course load. When you throw in the distractions of friends and classmates, it can be a lot to handle. You could have a rule stating that homework must be done before other activities at home, like television, sports or hanging out with friends. Tell your teen your expectations about getting assignments completed and turned in on time, as well as his grades.

Cell Phones

If your teenage boy has a cell phone, it's important that you explain the rules regarding the phone before he is allowed to use it. Rules could include how late he is allowed to use it at night, how many minutes he has and the amount of text messages he is allowed to send and receive. You should also talk with him about inappropriate texting, known as sexting. KidsHealth cites a 2009 study showing that 1 in 5 teens send sexually suggestive photos in text messages 5. Explain to your teen that this is not allowed in your home, outlining the ramifications and consequences clearly.

Social Media

The Internet is a part of everyday life for the majority of teens. It's important that your teenager knows the rules and limitations when it comes to using the Internet and social media. Social media is often used by teens as a way of interacting with friends. Teens need to know how to do this responsibly, though. Create rules regarding your teen son's social media usage. This could include him sharing his passwords with you, giving you full access to any accounts he creates and explaining to him what is expected of him when he's online. According to WebMD, kids need to be reminded that the same social rules that apply in life, also apply online. Your teen needs to know that anything he posts, including pictures, is there forever for the world to see. Limit the amount of time allowed on social media, banning it during family time, at school and after a certain time each night.

Free Time

Establish some rules about your child's free time and how he is allowed to spend it. Set up a curfew for school nights and the weekends and stick with it. Let him know there are consequences for breaking curfew, such as the loss of electronics or losing other privileges. Make it a rule that he make you aware of who he is with and where he is going to be when he is away from home. It's important for parents to keep tabs on their teens. Talk with your teen about the rules regarding drugs, tobacco and alcohol. Explain to him that it's not only illegal but against your rules to use any of them.


Driving is a huge responsibility and there should be rules for your teen when he gets behind the wheel. KidsHealth suggests that before he is allowed to drive, you should sit down together to establish and go over some rules to ensure his safety 5. One rule should include no distractions while driving, including use of a cell phone, GPS, radio, MP3 player or eating. Make sure he understands the laws in your state regarding speeding, driving with passengers, seat belts and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Another rule is regarding maintenance of the car he is driving, whether it is his car or your car. He should always check the fuel level and maintain proper tire pressure, keep all the windows clean and check the fluids regularly.