How to Remove Nit Glue

Nit glue is the substance that surrounds nits, or head lice eggs, and helps them stick or attach to hair 1. Lice are tiny, wingless parasitic insects that live on human hair and feed on small amounts of blood that they draw from the scalp. Head lice are not dangerous and don't spread disease, though they are highly contagious, according to online resource KidsHealth. This is especially true among kids ages 3 to 12. When removing head lice, you must remove also remove the nits 1. In order to remove the nits, you must use a product that softens or breaks down the nit glue.

Completely wash the hair with a lice-removing shampoo or product. This will kill and remove any lice, as well as any loose nits 1.

Apply a nit-removing enzyme to the roots of the hair. Follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding application. Some nit removing enzyme products are creams that are applied by hand to the roots, while others need to be mixed with water and in a spray bottle and sprayed on the roots. Allow the remover to sit on the scalp for the specified period of time to loosen the nit glue.

Use a lice comb to comb the scalp and roots of the hair. These are small combs with close-set metal teeth. This will help loosen the nits.

Wash the hair with a second treatment of a lice-removing shampoo or treatment.


After removing lice from the head, thoroughly clean all things that have touched the head, such as sheets, pillows, hats, jackets, combs and brushes.