How to Remove an Eddie Bauer Car Seat From Its Base

The Eddie Bauer line of designer car seats lock into a base in the vehicle to ensure the car seat is secure and safe. This allows parents to easily transport their infant without taking him out of the car seat, as the car seat simply detaches from the base. It’s important to ensure the car seat locks into the base properly to keep the baby safe and secure. Removing the car seat can take new parents a bit of practice, but Eddie Bauer keeps a simple design that allows for easy removal.

Ensure you are in a position where you can lift the infant car seat without obstacles in the way to prevent injury to yourself or the child.

Locate the base release handle on the back of the infant car seat. You will be able to identify the release handle as a handle that spans the width of the back of the infant car seat and is labeled "Release."

Pull up on the middle of the base release handle while lifting the infant car seat off of the base. The infant seat will easily detach from the base.

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