How to Relieve a Baby's Gas Caused by Teething

Expect a very unhappy baby when teething starts at about six months of age 1. All 20 baby teeth are present at birth, but the teeth must first emerge through the gums, which is a painful process that can last until your child is about 2-1/2 years old. You can soothe swelling on the gums by applying cool compresses or letting the baby suck on ice pops. If your baby’s teething gives him gas pains and normal burping doesn't help, other methods can help alleviate the problem 1.

Apply light pressure on your baby's stomach. This helps release gas, suggests lactation consultant Gale Prachniak from the Women's and Infant's Hospital of Rhode Island in Providence.

Carry your baby in the football hold. Lay him face down on your forearm. His legs should straddle your elbow while his chin rests in your hand, advises Prachniak. This position brings gas bubbles up, making the bubbles easier to expel as you pat your baby's back.

Place your baby face down over your knees. Gently bounce the baby's legs to expel gas.

Massage your baby three times a day 1. Jill Vyse, president of the Canadian Chapter of the International Association of Infant Massage, tells parents to cradle their baby's head while making eye contact. Gently massage the baby's tummy, helping him lift up his knees to his chest to dispel gas.

Call your pediatrician to discuss using over-the-counter infant drops to break up your baby's gas bubbles.