How to Recharge a Tyco RC Flexpak Battery

A fully charged battery is the best way to get the most excitement out of your Tyco radio-controlled (RC) vehicle 1. These RC models come with a stock battery pack that offers long run times and optimum power output. The Flexpack battery utilizes a versatile design that allows it to change shape depending on the model of the vehicle it powers. Learning how to recharge your TMH Tyco Flexpack will ensure that your car spends little time on the shelf, and lots of time burning rubber.

Plug the TMH Battery Charger into a wall socket by inserting the dual pronged connector into the socket. Push the connector as far into the socket as possible to ensure that it establishes a good connection.

Find the number 1 printed on the top left corner of the TMH Flexpack; this number identifies the first battery cell, and will help you orient the battery for proper charging. Open the battery pack folding mechanism so the battery can lie flat on a table, then slide the battery up into the faceplate on the charger with the number 1 cell touching the metal tabs on the charger.

Allow the battery to charge for four hours; the indicator light will turn off when the pack is fully charged and ready for use. Press the red tabs on the sides of the charger to release the recharged battery pack.


Give the battery time to cool down immediately after the recharging process to prevent damage to the cells.

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