How to Put the Stroller Seat Cover Back on the Graco MetroLite

MetroLite strollers by Graco are light, weighing less than 20 pounds 12. They still however, contain features of a larger stroller, such as an adjustable handle, reclining seat positions, large bottom basket and the capability to house a compatible car seat. The seat covers are also removable on the MetroLite models for easy washing. Before removing the seat cover, note how it’s attached and refer to your manual for proper instructions for your specific model. In general though, seat covers on Graco MetroLite strollers can be put back on in a similar manner 12.

Lay the seat cover right side out on the stroller seat with the wider end at the top and the narrow end at the seat bottom.

Weave the straps that are permanently attached to the stroller through the holes in the top of the seat cover. There are three heights for the straps on a Graco MetroLite stroller 12. Use the position that will put the straps at or just below your child’s shoulders when she’s strapped in.

Insert the rods that are sewn into the sides of the fabric into the holes that are located on the sides of the handle. Flip the lock latches found on the sides of the handles toward the front of the stroller to secure the rods into place. Some Graco Metrolite models have two latches on each side, others have one 12.

Pull the seat cover tightly in all directions to snap the plastic tabs located on the front, bottom, sides and back side into place.