Where to Purchase Replacement Parts for a Evenflo Baby Stroller

Evenflo strollers are known for providing babies a safe, comfortable ride. Whether you buy one of their economical single strollers or a more expensive travel riding system (which includes a car seat attachment function), you can count on push-button folding and dual-lock wheel brakes on all models. Expect your Evenflo stroller to last the duration of your child's need for one, especially if necessary replacement parts for your Evenflo stroller are available 1.


Evenflo's inventory offers 25 different stroller models available for purchase, ranging in price from the single stroller model XSPORT type ($40) to the Aura dual travel system which includes a car seat ($200). In order to obtain a replacement part for the stroller model you own, you will need your model number and manufacture date 1.

Finding Your Model Number

Fortunately, you do not need the packaging or instructions in order to find your model number to order a replacement part 1. Evenflo has conveniently identified every stroller model they sell with a unique model number and manufacture date, which is located on the stroller. The model number and manufacture date will be a series of numbers in a one-inch square box located on on the back of your stroller (near the bottom). If you do not see your model identification number on your stroller, contact Evenflo directly at 800-223-5921 to obtain your model number.

Replacement Parts

Evenflo Replacement Parts are available online through their Product Support webpage 1. Click on https://plweb.evenflo.com/replacement_parts.aspx and follow the simple directions and enter your model number and manufacture date. After entering your information, click "GO". A list of parts which can be replaced will appear. If you have trouble locating your part, or are unsure of which part you need to replace, call Evenflo's Customer Support Line at 800-223-5921.