Puerto Rico Adoption Agencies

According to the North American Council on Adoptable Children, 44.7 percent of the children who are adopted in Puerto Rico are actually adopted by their foster parents, with an additional 27.7 percent being legally adopted by their own relatives. Adoptions in Puerto Rico are low in number, according to the report.

Where to Go

Adoptions in Puerto Rico are handled by the Administración de Familias y Niños of the Departamento de la Familia -- the Administration of Families and Children of the Department of Family. The agency's 10 offices handle most of the adoptions out of Puerto Rico 1.

Additional Agencies and Resources

In addition to going directly to the Administración de Familias y Niños of the Departamento de la Familia, it is possible to adopt a child in Puerto Rico through Adoption Services of the Caribbean Inc. This private adoption agency is licensed through the department and helps facilitate adoptions not only on the island but also to parents in the continental U.S. and elsewhere. The agency can be contacted through its Facebook group page.

How the Process Works

Adoptions in Puerto Rico are always handled confidentially 1. You can't access any information about adoptable children until you have been approved for adoption. Once the Admi approves your adoption application you may view a list of all children available for adoption. Until then, potential parents may not ask questions about individual children or access any information regarding children available for adoption.

Paperwork Needed for Application

Each person applying to adopt a child from Puerto Rico must present a Social Security card, a birth certificate, a marriage certificate and proof of income. You must also pass a medical exam and and a criminal background check. In addition, you must present a family picture and three letters of reference.