Preparing Your Child for a Kindergarten Interview

Your child entering kindergarten is a milestone in his life. It could be your child's first time entering school or maybe your child went to a pre-K program, but regardless of whether your child went to pre-K, you can help your child prepare for his kindergarten interview. Don't fret if your child doesn't know something at his interview. All children learn at a different pace.


Your child should be able to recognize a few shapes before entering kindergarten. Can your child recognize a rectangle, square, triangle or circle? The teacher conducting the interview might ask your child to use scissors to cut out shapes from construction paper. Many pre-K programs cover shapes. Let your child practice drawing the shapes or telling you what the shapes are.


Does your child know the colors? Recognizing simple colors are usually one of the basic concepts a rising Kindergartner should know. Colors such as:

  • red
  • blue
  • yellow
  • green
  • white
  • black
  • purple
  • pink are a few examples

Many children learn their colors easily by playing games and drawing or coloring.


Can your child recognize the letters of the alphabet? Knowing how to read is generally not a requirement before entering Kindergarten. However, most children are able to recognize the 26 letters of the alphabet. It is normal for many children to still confuse upper and lowercase letters. The teacher conducting the kindergarten interview might ask your child to write his name on a piece of paper. Many children learn how to do that in pre-K.


Children entering kindergarten generally know how to count to 10 aloud. The teacher who conducts the kindergarten interview might ask your child to write numbers on a piece of paper or might ask your child to point out a specific number. According to, your child will learn a lot of information in kindergarten so don't panic if your child doesn't know something 1. If your child doesn't do well on the kindergarten interview, it doesn't mean your child isn't ready for kindergarten. Talk to your child's teacher about any concerns you may have.