Movie Charade Game Ideas for Kids

Charades is popular for adult game nights, but it is easily adaptable for children, using kid-friendly themes such as children's movies. The basic charade game divides people into two teams. The teams alternate having one person silently act out a subject written on a piece of paper to their teammates, who must figure out what the person is acting out. Points are given for correct answers and the team with the most points at the end wins. Using contemporary movies that your kids are familiar with, you can adapt charades to make it more exciting and entertaining for children.

Kid-friendly Movie Themes

Create a variety of charade themes for the kids to act out related to children's movies and write them down on pieces of paper. Place the pieces of paper in a bag or hat for the kids to select from. Try to choose films that you know most of the children have seen or are familiar with. You can have a main character theme, in which the kids have to silently act out a famous main character in the movie, such as Sully from "Monsters, Inc." and "Monsters University." You could also do movie villains such as King Candy from from "Wreck-It Ralph" or Doctor Facilier from "Princess and the Frog."

Using Props

Make charades more fun for kids by including a large box of props that can help their team guess who they are trying to act out. Place objects such as:

  • baby dolls
  • noisemaker
  • other trinkets in the prop box

Give each child one minute to dig through the box to find something that will help them act out the movie character they selected.

Famous Movie Lines

Play a version of charades where the kids are allowed to say one line that the movie character they are portrayed is known for. For this version, write a character's name on a piece of paper, then write two or three lines that the character said in the movie. On a child's turn, she is to pick a subject, then choose only one of the lines to say. Stick to the most well-known character lines so it won't be too hard for younger kids to figure out. For instance, for Francesco Bernoulli from "Cars 2," you could have the kids choose from saying "He's triple speed!" or "Hey, she has a-good taste." You can make it more challenging for older kids who are more familiar with a variety of children's movies.

Variations of Charades

Play other, similar versions of charades with the kids. For instance, instead of acting out a movie character, you can have the kids draw a picture of the characters on a large table or whiteboard. The kids cannot use any motions or talk. For another variation, ideal for older kids, write down a famous movie character, movie line or scene of a movie, on pieces of paper, then write three words or phrases associated with that particular subject that they are not allowed to say. The kids must then describe the subject while avoiding the words on the card. They must forfeit a point if they do.