Mini Crib Vs. Standard Crib

Searching for the perfect crib can leave a new parent scratching his head. While most parents plan to get a standard or full-sized crib for the nursery, certain situations necessitate the purchase of a mini crib. There are several good reasons to use one crib over another. If the parents have a full-sized crib in the nursery but the baby needs to sleep in a different room for a time, the mini crib will be easier to move around. If the family travels a lot, they might want a portable mini crib to take along on trips. If the parents have limited space or live in a one-bedroom apartment, the mini crib might be all they have room for until they find a larger home.

Mini Crib - Bassinet

The mini crib is available in several different styles. The bassinet is the smallest of the minis. It usually has a hooded cover over at least half the bed, which allows a darker sleep environment for the baby. It might come with rockers on the bottom that allow the parent to move it from side to side. Some include a built-in vibrator. This feature can be a wonderful asset to help soothe a fussy baby. The newer bassinets also might play music and have a lighted mobile for the baby to look at. Some brands come with remotes so the parents can change the settings without the baby seeing them.

Mini Crib - Portable Crib

The portable mini crib can be a versatile and much-used piece of nursery equipment. If the baby needs to sleep in a room other than the nursery, the crib can be folded and easily moved from place to place. The portable crib also can be packed into a travel bag and taken along on family trips. The baby can sleep in his own space in the foreign environment and still have a semblance of normalcy during nap and sleep time. Portable cribs usually come with a mobile, a removable bassinet and a changing table for use during the early months of a baby's life 1.

Mini Crib - Wooden Crib

Some mini cribs look just like standard cribs, but they come in a smaller size 1. These cribs can be decked out with bumpers and cute sheets 1. These cribs are great for families with limited space 1. A grandparent can keep one of these beds on hand for a grandchild's visit. The cribs usually fold flat to fit into a closet or storage area when not in use 1. The crib is durable but is not as easy to take on trips as the portable crib. It works better for a family that needs a sturdy crib that can fit in a small space or be set up in another room or an office.

Standard Crib Basics

The standard crib is the crib most parents buy for their child's nursery. The standard crib is the easiest bed to decorate when keeping with a certain nursery theme and style. Themed bumpers, comforters, sheets and bed skirts for the standard-size crib are available to coordinate with curtains, wall hangings and wallpaper. The standard crib will also fit well if a parent has a large bedroom and wants the baby in there.

Standard Crib Perks

Babies grow very fast and will often outgrow a mini crib before being ready for a toddler bed. The standard crib allows them to stay in it as long as necessary. Many standard cribs will convert into a toddler bed, which saves parents money 1. The parent can also purchase a standard crib that will convert into a toddler bed and then into a full-sized bed for a teen or even an adult. This bed is often pricier.