How to Make a White Beard

When you're making a costume, often the finishing touch is a beard. Whether it's a Santa, Dumbledore or Father Time costume, none of these men would be complete without the long white beard that seems to symbolize their experience and wisdom. Fortunately, this is a relatively simple accessory to make out of things you may already have at your home.

Wind the yarn around your tray or lid, wrapping it tightly around about 7 to 10 inches of the plastic. Depending on the intended length of your beard, you may want to use the narrower side, or the longer side.

Lay a strip of duct tape across the wound section of yarn, perpendicular to the direction of the yarn.

Cut through the tape and yarn, creating an approximately 1/4-inch strip of tape that is holding the tops of the yarn together.

Measure a piece of string to tie around the person's head. You should add about 6 inches to the measurement of his head in order to tie on the beard.

Cut a 16- to 18-inch strip of duct tape and lay it across your work surface with the sticky side up. Lay the tie string across the center of this piece, with an even amount of string hanging from each edge. Fold this piece of duct tape in thirds horizontally, keeping the string in the center.

Cut a piece of duct tape about 4 1/2 inches wide, or wide enough to cover your mouth with about an extra 1/2 inch on either side. This will become the mouthpiece.

Tape the mouthpiece to the center of the tie strip, so two-thirds of the tape hangs down from the strip.

Cut a semi-circular hole in the mouthpiece to fit around the wearer's mouth.

Lay the 1/4-inch taped beard piece across the sticky side of the mouthpiece. Curve the 1/4-inch piece up toward the tie strip at either end. Next, roll the bottom half of the beard strip and pull it through the mouthpiece, and pull all of the yarn through and down so it covers the duct tape below the mouth.

Repeat steps 1 through 3, but cut this second beard piece in half vertically, so it forms two identical 4- to 5-inch side pieces.

Tape the side pieces to the underside of the tie strip, then pull the yarn up and over over the tie strip so all of the threads appear on the same side, covering as much of the duct tape as you can. At this point, there will be a small piece of duct tape that is exposed over the mouth.

Wrap more string around the tray or lid in a section about 1 to 2 inches wide. This piece will become your mustache.

Cut a piece of string and tie it around the center of the mustache yarn bundle, keeping all of the pieces together. Slide the mustache off of your template.

Roll a piece of tape sticky-side-out to tack the mustache piece to the top of the beard's mouthpiece, so the knot you tied in step 13 is centered over the mouthpiece.

Lay the whole piece out on your table. Cut the duct tape off of the bottom of the beard, then trim and style the beard to however you'd like it to look. For more styles, see Resources.


The yarn with which you make the beard is very important. A thick chenille yarn will work incredibly well for this particular project.